Bestiary Migrants, Tecate, Mexico, 2000

I worked with a group of would-be migrants at the Casa de los Inmigrantes, Tecate.  These would-be immigrants were shipped back across the US-Mexico border by the US border police.  

We worked with them in a hypnosis session and asked them to visualize three successive relationships of themselves in regards to: a person, their home and their surroundings.

In a trance state, they were asked to express their feelings as a shape or form.  For example, a feeling of anxiety may be imagined as sharp and fragmented, and a state of well being translates as a softer, rounder form: in this way a form is imagined that relates to an emotional experience.

One subject imagined a claustrophobic shape that seemed to be made of two interlocking cubes.  His description was then translated into an emotion-form.  In our attempt to materialize this form  we used various mediums, including drawings, oil on canvas,an installation involving an inflatable sculpture, video and stereo-lithography.   

The process is multi-disciplinary and collaborative and involved contributions from Lourdes Huerta, Bernardo Navarro and Fred Olszak.  At all times Olga Margarita Davila helped guide and coordinate the process.


Many thanks to 

Inmo Gallery, 

Steve Turner Gallery,

and Raid FC,    

Los Angeles, California


and Ars Latina

Mexicali, Mexico